An- Umbau Schulanlage Poststrasse, Biel

Renovation and extension of public school “Poststrasse”, Biel

The  renovation and extension of public school “Post”is a collaborative project with A & P Architects and Landscape designers David & von Arx. The execution in its different stages lasted from 2002 until 2005. The school with its generous spatiality consists of the old schoolhouse from the 30's, three pavilions and several classrooms from the 60's. The basic idea of the project was to make the readability of different time periods, through targeted interventions, especially within the façades, to maintain and upgrade. The new auditorium, with direct access from the main course at the arcades level, acts as a central link. The L-shaped building operates simultaneously as a border space and link between different places. It defines and directs the outdoor spaces, opens on the one hand onto the courtyard of the school, and on the other towards the front square.
The graphic concept is a series of coloured letters, which by its playful use not only serves as guide, but give a strong footprint to the outdoor.
Client: City of Biel / Project: 2000 / Execution: 2002-2005 / Cost: 11 Milllion SF

Photos: Yves André