Neue Recycling-Halle, Rüti b. Büren

New storage and recycling hall, Rüti b. Büren

New storage and recycling hall
in collabotarion with Lanz Architekten

The new storage and recycling hall is part of an overall restructuring and expansion of operations in the area of trade and processing of chemicals and the recycling of industrial and hazardous waste operating Thommen + Co AG. The hall is about 26 per 81 meters wide and has for an open camp ideal height of 7 meters. The canopy is made of steel and freely fixed in the foundation.

The whole remaining part of the hall was, however, built with BSH / wooden elements. The building around will be covered until to 5m high with horizontal metal panel sheets and above it with 4m high Cast glass-U-profiles, so that an optimal and easiest exposure to natural light is guaranteed. These two materials are partly available in the existing buildings, but they are especially used in all new buildings, so that with time, including a new environment design, a kind of 'corporate identity' arises in situ. These include the specific design of the north façade, which serves as mechanical protection from hundreds of oil drums, revealing by far its use. Through a very close cooperation between all parties could also be achieved that all timber used at the Hall have been obtained from the directly surrounding forests.
New storage and recycling hall / Client: Thommen+Co AG / Project: 2002 / Project: 2002 / Execution: 2003 / Costs: 2.5 Mio CHF

Photos: Yves André