Bushaltestellen-System, Biel

System Bus-stop, Biel

Bern Cantonal Price of the protection of monuments and sites 2000

According to the busstop competition requirements for the city of Biel a characteristic image with strong identity was to be developed. The  new serie of busstops was going to be paid integraly by the company responsible of all street advertising – APG. A serie of basic elements allows, in a kit form, to create different types of bus stations. Thanks to the unisotropic character of the roof, the elements can  in 'plan libre'  be combined  and get adapted to different urban situations. At the same time this elements, autonomous themselves, can be separetly renovated or replaced. The roof's form reminds the dynamic geometry of traffic and at the same time reinterprets the design of the 30'tees bus stations, real architectural heritage of the city of Biel. The red is the symbol colour of the city, omnipresent in a serie of others street elements ( buses, city flags, street furniture).
Client: SGA / Competition: 1997  1th Price / Costs: 21'000 CHF / Execution: 1998-1999

Photos: Yves André